If you or someone you know is involved in home education, this blog post is especially for you! Since launching Art Cellar Academy, we have been exploring additional program options to meet the needs of our community. As educators ourselves, we understand that a well-rounded education is comprised of academic, social, emotional, and spiritual components. While the majority of home education programs cover the core academics, home educators are still left with discovering how to supplement the remaining elements.

Here is where we come in! Art Cellar Academy is incredibly excited to launch our “Art Enrichment & Social Interaction Home Education Program”! This program is designed to allow your student to enjoy some social interaction with other home educated students while also exploring their creativity and learning about art.

Beginning on Friday, September 7th, 2018, classes are from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm every Friday. During the session, students will receive a 30-minute art lesson and then engage in a hands-on project for the remaining hour and a half. During this time, they will be able to collaborate through open conversations, peer-interaction, and also be able to share their completed masterpiece with the class!

Through intentional lesson planning, we have developed our lessons and instruction to touch on a variety of basic grade level standards for art education, which provides beneficial opportunities for home educators to be able to photograph and document projects for use within their portfolios. Each month will focus on a variety of different art topics such as art history, famous artists, painting techniques, & more!

Enrollment fees are only $30 per individual session; however, if you enroll for the entire month, you will receive $5 off per session making the enrollment cost only $25 for each 2-hour class! Registration is conveniently available online by clicking here. For questions and more information, call (561) 792-2272. *Home educators and/or home education coordinators are responsible for any components needed to meet the requirements for credit, graduation, or approval for their public, private, or individual homeschooling program. Art Cellar Academy does not provide any credits, accreditations, or certifications through this program. It is solely offered as enrichment to your current approved and certified home education program.*!


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