Whether you are a teacher, home educator, or a parent, you will love this month’s “how-to” blog post! With less than a month until school starts, we figured we would help ease you back into the swing of things by sharing some fun and creative ways on how to integrate art into the core subjects.

First, let’s all remember one essential detail… since an artist is ultimately defined as “a person skilled at a particular task or occupation”; we are all artists.

Correlating this into education, we begin to view each student, or child with a different perspective. Not all students will learn the same way or excel at the same task, subject, or activity, and that is okay because that is where the beauty in each of our individuality exists.

This understanding can indeed be frustrating when there are specific standards and expectations for each child at each age and grade level to master; however, we have to remind ourselves to leave room for variation. Whether it be in the grace of time, practice, or the delivery of the content, we have to prepare ourselves for diversification either between the students, the concepts being taught, or sometimes both!

The good news is that art lives and breathes inside every segment of education! Grasping this concept and integrating art into core academics can make all the difference for both the educator and the student. Likewise, as the lessons become entertaining, pressure and anxiety are reduced, widening the capacity for the student to pay attention and want to learn!

With inspiration from the article 
“50 Ways To Integrate Art Into Any Lesson” by 
on here are a few of our top picks on “how-to” integrate art into core academics!

Below we have selected one of our favorites to highlight for each subject, but we encourage you to check out the entire “how-to” by clicking here.


“Comic Creator”

Comics are a hit with kids of all ages and even many adults! Even the most boring story can be transformed into an exciting thriller by creating it into a comic! We think it is super awesome to allow the students to hand-create the comic strip or elect to use a digital comic creator! Learn more about this concept by visiting www.readwritethink.org.


“MArTH Tools”

A resource known as “Math Munch” has developed a tool that merges art and math, and we are absolutely obsessed with the name… “MArTH Tools.” This tool offers resources for inspiration, as well as links to interactive tools that teach practical and difficult concepts. Visit mathmunch.wordpress.com for more information!


“Art in Labs”

We loved this concept! Thinking of students creating art resembling bacteria or fungi, or taking a concept and depicting their understanding of it through art is genius! Not only will they remember what they are learning, but by allowing them to get hands-on, their depth of learning is greatly expanded! Visit www.biology.emory.edu for more ideas on how to bring “Art to Labs” to life!


“Film Recreations”

Students of all ages love filming anything, especially in this era! Not only does watching a film provide insight beyond the text, but having students actually recreate a historical event, film it, and then present it to the class yields an entirely different product! “Film Recreations” offer clarity in understanding the topic introduced, in-depth learning, a way to teach multiple subjects and hit various standards, and also cover numerous events at once if you have multiple students to assign different topics to!

If you are a home educator looking to artistically and socially enrich your home education program, or you are a parent looking to foster your student’s passion for art, we invite you to call us at 561.792.2272 or email us at info@artcellarwellington.com to learn more about our upcoming “Art Cellar Academy” programs for the 2018-2019 school year!

Reference: 50 Ways To Integrate Art Into Any Lesson. (2013, March 22). Retrieved July 23, 2018, from https://www.opencolleges.edu.au/informed/features/50-ways-to-integrate-art-into-any-lesson/

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