In 2010, an estimated 198 million roses were produced for the Valentine’s Day holiday, according to the Society of American Florists; and that is ONLY roses! Can you imagine just how many flowers of all kinds are produced and gifted for Valentine’s? That really got us thinking,


“So what happens to those millions of flowers a week or so later?”


The good news is… we have discovered several ways to create everlasting uses to carry on the beauty and memory of your flowers! In this DIY post, we are going to give you 3 ways to get crafty transforming those blooming belles into their next gorgeous display!


Up first, a “PRESSED HERB CANDLES” by Rachel Beyer


Photo Credit: (Alison Lang, Rachel Beyer, “DIY: PRESSED HERB CANDLES,” 2014)

Our inspiration for this idea came from a lovely gal named Rachel Beyer who founded “Adventures In Making,” which is a blog devoted to crafters, designers, and artistic types of all sorts! This blog is clearly right up our alley, and we just love this brilliant idea!


Rachel lays this easy DIY project out for you right here:



Up next, “PRESS & FRAME FLOWERS” by Urban Outfitters


Photo Credit: CJ Harvey (Outfitters, “UO DIY: How to Press and Frame Flowers”)

We love this shabby chic framed flowers! They are a perfect way to give your wall or console table some color with a piece that means something special to you!

This DIY tutorial is really super simple and requires very little supplies! It is also a perfect way to put some of those empty frames, so many of us have to use!


Check it out here:



Up last, but certainly not least… “DRIED FLOWERS IN A JAR” by Bestie


Photo Credit: bestie (Bestie, “DIY: Dried Flowers In A Jar”)

Looking for a super easy way to not have to say goodbye to those flowers… well, look no further because all you have to do is find a pretty jar and some hairspray! 

There are many blogs you can check out by searching “Dried Flowers in a Jar” on Pinterest, but this is one of our favorites:






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