On May 25th, ladies had the wonderful opportunity to attend an event located at Christ Fellowship called Propel! Women gathered from 31 different states to be able to attend. The phenomenal speakers included John Maxwell, Christine Caine, Dee Ann Turner, and many more! It was an incredible, inspiring day. Starting off with worship gets everyone pumped up for an amazing time of growing and connecting with each other both friends and fellow female leaders!


Propel is so different in so many ways from just your ordinary leadership conference. It starts first thing in the morning with a lovely little cafĂ© serving pastries and much needed unlimited FREE coffee! Then everyone makes their way into the auditorium with assigned seating (so you don’t feel guilty about fighting for seats in church). The worship band will sing a few songs to get everyone really fired up, they could also bring a tear to your eye… depends on your outlook, I suppose. When the speakers come on stage its not a serious note taking memorizing lesson. John Maxwell was doing the Cha-Cha on stage! Each and every speaker spoke to everyone in a different way. This all day event was hardly that, we were on the edge of our seats loving the constant pouring out of wisdom and guidance! I have never experienced a church where I laughed so much, learned so much, and stretched my limits.





Propel- Lead : Passion, Purpose, Potential

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