You may have seen the viral school message board that says, “Dear Parents, Tag You’re It! Love, Teachers”. Hilarious, right? While there is truth to the message since having the kids at home for summer can be a little hectic at times, it is also one of the best times of the year for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., to spend time creating everlasting memories! 

In all fairness though, teachers have the kids in a structured environment, where there is little free-time for kids to get super bored, really crazy, or have lots of time to ponder ways to explore out of curiosity! Of course, there are many options, such as camp, to have a little help over the summer keeping kids active and engaged, but what do you do on those weeks where camp is not in session, or if you are a stay-at-home mom who needs a few more fun ideas on how to keep the kids busy this summer?

Art Cellar to the rescue! In this month’s how-to, we have found ten creative things you can do at home with your kids to make memories, keep them engaged, and even secretly sneak a little education into their summer brains!
                  1. First up… Summer Bucket-list

                    We loved this idea, especially to start with because it can help in planning out things to do! “The Idea Room” even has some easy printable templates that you can utilize or use for inspiration for creating your own! Click here for more on this how-to! 

                    Photo Credit: The Idea Room 

                  2. Second on the list… A Pineapple Pinecone or Bird Feeder

                    We loved the idea of the “Pineapple Pinecone” by Tiffany’s Tidings and thought… this could also be adapted to make it an adorable bird feeder! Click here for more on this how-to! 

                    Photo Credit: Tiffany’s Tidings

                  3. Third up… Glow in the Dark Mason Lights

                    Okay, these are just so awesome!! Not only are these so fun to make, but they make way for a great evening outside with the entire family! Click here for more on this how-to! 

                    Photo Credit: DIY Joy

                  4. Fourth on the list… Beach or Vacation Memory Jar

                    What we loved about these is that they can be incorporated and created all summer long! Beginning with the intentions of creating one, it allows you and your child(ren) to think about what items to collect throughout the summer, and look forward to an end of the summer assembly of all your treasures! Check out these beautiful ideas and the steps for this how-to on Martha Stewart by clicking here!

                    Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

                  5. Fifth up… Painted Sneakers

                    So, this one right here is perfect for summer because the kids now have “summer shoes” that can be inexpensive, fun, and a memory to make all at once! Check out how to make some easy and awesome summer sneakers for all ages on Martha Stewart by clicking here!

                    Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

                  6. Sixth on the list… Painted Flower Pots

                    DIY planters are so fun for so many reasons! You get to paint the planters, pick out the plants, take care of the plants, and decorate your home or patio with one-of-a-kind love! Since we have a thing for the tropics here in SoFlo this pineapple inspired planter caught our eye! How cute would it be to make a few pineapples like this one, a few watermelons, maybe a lemon or two also? For more on these creative planters visit “Make Life Lovely” clicking here!

                    Photo Credit: Make Life Lovely

                  7. Number seven… 10-Minute Citrus Fizzy Bath Bombs

                    These fizzy bath bombs are super easy to make and would be perfect for the older crowd of kiddos, a.k.a. tweens! They also seem way healthier than the ones you buy in the store, so that’s always a big plus with these type of DIY crafts! Of course, you could make these using any shapes.. so how fun would it be to make fish, sun, palm tree, or even pineapple shaped fizzies? Check out this how-to from “Happiness is Homemade” by clicking here!

                    Photo Credit: Happiness is Homemade

                  8. Number eight on our list… Grass Heads

                    Remember those “Chia Pet” things?? How fun were they? In this DIY you can customize your very own “Grass Head”, watch it grow, and then take care of it! Check out this super fun how-to from “Red Ted Art” by clicking here!

                    Photo Credit: Red Ted Art

                  9. Ninth up… Duct Tape Wallets

                    These wallets are perfect for kids to carry their money around for camp! They are water resistant, durable, and can be created uniquely to match their personality!  Check out this how to create these very useful duct tape wallets from “Martha Stewart” by clicking here!

                    Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

                  10. Last, but certainly not least… Easy Homemade Ice Cream

                    Summer is hot! Cool off with this delicious and EASY DIY! The best part of this “Food Hacks” method is how quickly it comes together! In just 5–10 minutes, you can make a delicious, creamy batch of homemade ice cream. Click here for the supplies and instructions courtesy of  “Wonder How To: Food Hacks” by clicking here!

                    Photo Credit: Wonder How To: Food Hacks

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