Let’s just all take a moment to talk about succulents… while they have always been a super cool type of plant – they are now popping up everywhere, used in a ton of trendy ways, and are currently the “go-to” decorating piece! We personally love succulents because they are easy to take care of, last for way longer than most other plants, and their durability allows them to be used easily in a variety of crafty projects! With that in mind, we have a nifty little DIY that we could not wait to share with you this month!

So, we all clearly know that wine + crafting / sipping + painting is a perfect combo, which is why we tend to end up with quite a few wine corks here at Art Cellar! It’s really a win-win, though… our creators get their juices flowing, and we end up with tons of corks to make awesome creations with! SoOoO, when we discovered this super simple, yet AWESOME little wine cork & succulent magnet from “UPCYCLE THAT”, we were like OMGossshhh, #TOTALLYOBSESSED!

First, things first, the materials!


Take your screwdriver and twist a hole in the top of the cork. The hole should go about halfway down the center of the cork.

PHOTO CREDIT: (UPCYCLE THAT, “Cork Planters”, 2014)


Use your pocket knife to hollow out the hole.

PHOTO CREDIT: (UPCYCLE THAT, “Cork Planters”, 2014)


Glue the magnets onto the back of the wine cork.

 PHOTO CREDIT: (UPCYCLE THAT, “Cork Planters”, 2014)


Scoop potting soil into the holes of your corks. Do not pack the soil in tightly.

PHOTO CREDIT: (UPCYCLE THAT, “Cork Planters”, 2014)


Place your succulent clipping into the cork. Sprinkle a bit more soil on top and now pack down the soil around the stem of the succulent clipping.

PHOTO CREDIT: (UPCYCLE THAT, “Cork Planters”, 2014)

Believe it or not…

that’s how easy it is to make this incredible craft that not only makes your fridge totally gorgeous, but also allows you to upcycle succulents from dead arrangements, make your kitchen a little more eco, and of course, reuse those wine corks! To keep these little guys living Judy, from UPCYCLE THAT, says to simply spray them with a little water once a week or so! Remember, succulents do not need a very much water to survive! 

For more amazing upcycle projects, you MUST check out www.UPCYCLETHAT.com!


JUDY. (2014, November 05). Cork Planters. Retrieved May 21, 2018, from https://www.upcyclethat.com/cork-planters/

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